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Diabetes and its complications can be fully prevented using Naturopathic treatments. Some of the best therapies, in addition to dietary changes, are chelation and ozone therapy. Chelation and Ozone therapy can help stabilize blood sugar levels and increase blood cirulation. Patients with diabetic neuropathy, foot ulcers, or visionary impairment will need to undergo more aggressive treatment. After a few months of treatment, patients should expect to have normal HbA1C levels and normal fasting blood glucose levels.

Supplementation and diet is just as important as the intravenous treatment. These two interventions will most likely have to be a life long change. Specific herbs, vitamins and minerals will be recommended to help reverse insulin resistance thereby normalising blood sugar levels. With respect to diet, certain foods must be tested to see how the blood sugar of the patient responds upon their consumption.

Diabetes is easy to treat, and it responds very well to Naturopathic treatments. Patients who comply with the treatment protocol can live a life free of diabetic complications.

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Heavy metal testing

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