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Heavy Metals have become a epidemic in today's society. They are environmental toxins that have a devasting impact on our health. They disrupt hormones, kill nerve cells, and cause cancer just to name a few. Certain heavy metals have also been linked to certain diseases. For example, Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimers, Arsenic has been known to cause cancer, Lead has been associated with heart disease and Mercury has been linked to neurological diseases such as autism and MS.

Dr. Santos highly recommends to all his patients to undergo Heavy metal testing. Studies have shown that by removing heavy metals at a young age can reduce your risk for cancer and cardiovascular disease (the number 1 and 2 cause of death) by up to 90%!

Dr. Santos evaluates Heavy Metals by performing a Urine toxic challenge.This is the considered the gold standard. Patients would undergo an intravenous or oral chelation treatment and urine will be collected following the treatment for a specific amount of time. Test results take about one week to get back from the lab.

If you would like to have your Heavy Metals Tested call to book an appointment.
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Heavy metal testing

Heavy metals are found in each and everyone of us. It is a ubiquitous environmental pollutant. Many of us also have mercury fillings in our mouths. Heavy metals are a powerful burden to our bodies. Heavy metals have been linked to autism, heart disease, Alzheimer, cancers and more.