Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy


What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone is an elemental form of oxygen occurring naturally in the earth's atmosphere, It is created in nature when ultraviolet energy causes oxygen atoms to temporarily recombine in groups of three, Ozone is also formed by the action of electrical discharges on oxygen, so it is often created by thunder and lightening, Because it is made up of three oxygen atoms, Ozone is known chemically as O3 Since ozone is unstable and quick to react, it is a powerful oxidizing agent. Also, it can kill a wide variety of viruses, bacteria. It also oxidizes phenolics (poisonous compounds of methanol and benzine), pesticides, detergents, chemical manufacturing wastes, and aromatic compounds. For this reason, ozone has been used to disinfect and purify drinking water and waste water, A sufficiency of oxygen in the blood means better blood, better circulation, better assimilation, better equilibrium of body temperature, better vasomotor activity, better digestion, better elimination of waste products, less chance of autointoxication or toxemia, and less chance of infection and disease. Today the largest commercial use of ozone is in the purification of water. Both the FDA and EPA certify ozone as destroying 99,9992% of all pathogenic germs. while oxidizing (destroying) 99,9992% of all pollutants in the water at the same time. Ozone has been used since the 1950's in Germany by physicians to treat a variety of conditions. Today, some eight thousand licensed health practitioners (including medical doctors, homeopathic physicians, and naturopaths) in Germany use ozone in their practices, while some fifteen thousand European practitioners use ozone either alone or as a compliment to other therapies.

Method of delivery

We use a method called Major Autohemotherapy to safely deliver ozone into patients. This involves drawing about 125ml of blood from a patient into a sterilized glass bottle. Then infusing this blood with a specific dose of ozone. The blood absorbs the ozone and is then given back to the patient. This process takes about 40 min. This treatment is given once to twice a week for about a month. The cost is $130.

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