Weight Loss Program (Hormone Diet)

Weight Loss Program (Hormone Diet)


Dr. Santos has been offering his diet plan since 2003. We utilize a combination of prescriptions, vitamins and meal plan to assist patients in weight loss. We monitor patients carefully to ensure safety and effectiveness. Dr. Santos's weight loss program begins first with a very comprehensive blood test. It tests for thyroid problems, liver function, kidney function, electrolytes, anemia, etc. The test will reveal any metabolic problems you may have. Those identified will be corrected with supplementation or medications.

How much does the diet plan cost?

The cost of the plan will be $300 for the first month and $50 each week thereafter.

The medications prescribed will be an additional cost and is paid at the pharmacy. The medication is about $260 for a 2 month supply.
Health Canada prohibits the advertisement of drugs for clinical use. Thus, we cannot mention the names of the drugs prescribed on our plan. Please call the office or book an appointment for more details.

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